Nursing in the Time of Covid-19

Nursing in the Time of Covid-19
Mixed media on colored recycled paper
16.5″x 11.75”

“…thinking about moms at home with kids 24/7 for weeks? Months?…Quiet, alone, inner work has always been part of my art-making process along with crazy humor, wonderment and creative exploration. I need all of this to survive.

“Nursing in the Time of Covid-19,” began with the photograph of a South Indian sculpture from the 11th-12th century that depicts the infant Krishna and his foster mother Yasoda. In my version, Krishna skews old and slightly resembles my husband Kenny, the robust nursing woman now wears a protective mask, and is surrounded by a variety of Corona microbes that hang in Calder-like mobiles. Storm Trooper Lego Minions keep on pumping digital juice and the cat’s hair stands on end!

I love cross-cultural mix/mashing from ancient to current to pop to digital. The home décor here is a riff on NY Times style and design pics and when Kenny said: “put a mask on her!” I did! I also included black nail polish a la granddaughter Shira, and a cat for my feline loving son-in-law Kevin.

The text accompanying the sculpture from the “Sensuous Immortals” LACMA 1978 catalogue means something to me as I carry feminist imagery forward: “Such a sensitive interpretation of the intimacy between a nursing mother and her baby is altogether unusual for South Indian sculpture.”