Singing the Bones

Singing the Bones
Acrylic on canvas
48″ x 30″

In the instinctive psyche, the body is considered a sensor, an informational network, a messenger with myriad communication systems — cardiovascular, respiratory, skeletal, autonomic, as well as emotive and intuitive.” — Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Although a third to a half of my life may yet be lived in actual time, I see that facing death is central to the transformative work of menopause. Personal transformation often involves a descent, or death before rebirth occurs. There is a time of facing inward, of meeting what is difficult before the creation of a new self can take place. Here, I am unraveling myself, exposing my core and exploring the possibilities beyond flesh that are now opening up for me.

In this painting, the deep blue vertical core, upon which the spinal column is laid, moves into a cosmic blue as it goes towards the edges. It is the bones that represent indestructible life force. Singing the Bones, has to do with coming to love ourselves and accepting our place in the “life/death/life cycle.” Fear has to be confronted to truly love and to fully live.