The Change

The Change
Acrylic on canvas
40″ x 30″

“To be able to see our own practice as actively contributing to the most serious problems of our time requires a change of heart. Art which is totally the product of the way of thinking of this society is unlikely to reorient it in any way.” — Suzi Gablik

I want to confront things that women are in such terror of and try to turn them around. I don’t want to keep evaluating myself through the capitalistic model of success. As I confront my fate as an aging artist, I want to free myself from the need for professional recognition. I am searching for a new way to bring my art into the world that is more healing, communal and interactive.

I am a grandmother at this stage of my life, and include this child’s playful view of a skeleton in the background (from a collage done by my granddaughter Shira). In previous paintings, the skeletal figures were only part of the surrounding composition. Now the bones are also emerging from inside my body.

Menopause moves me to a different state of consciousness. I use my art as catharsis, and see the “change of life” as a means to shed beliefs and ways of doing things that no longer serve me. This insight will alter my life