Vaxxie Hook-Up

Vaxxie Hook-Up
Mixed media on wood
20 X 16″

In this telling bit of modern anthropology, sex and vaccination frenzy mix/mash with free flowing Coronas and augmented reality.

I think about all the younger people who have had to maintain physical distance when their hormones are raging. When will they be free to explore and touch one another? The “hot” central couple has already proceeded to turn droplets to hearts. Waving inflatables cheer them on (only one says “caution”). We seem to be “on fire” to be vaccinated as the Coronavirus refuels with “variants.”

Sockets juice things up while medical tubes encircle and drain toxins to earth. Flowers rise up to meet the newly arriving day as a bee alights on the head of a virtual reality enthusiast! What works?

Can reality match fantasy in these improbable and precarious situations?