White Tara Meets Pokemon

White Tara Meets Pokemon
Mixed media on wood
20″ x 16″

I am so glad that my creative world has found a way to mix/mash Buddhism and Monsters. “White Tara” keeps her equilibrium and compassion as Sprites attack her. But notice how she dominates the composition and that her watery/plant garments encircle and pull-in demons like Gastly, Tangela, Weepin Bell, and Goldeen. Detective Pikachu looks for his clue into this scene. So do I as an artist exploring both the self and the shadow side of today’s world!

Have any of you played Pokémon games? I have zero familiarity, but chose the images from on-line character lists of generations of the Pokémon series. I loved so many that I will have to create more art that includes them! Shout-outs to my super gamer grandson Issac and to Ethan for showing me their video play from an early age. And to Faith Stone @faithstoneart for Buddhist references and teachings.

Helen begins to add paint to White Tara Meets Pokemon. Mixed media on wood