Acrylic on canvas
40″ x 24″

“Like an electrical charge, menstruation and the ebb and flow of energy is an ‘alternating current.'” –Farida Shaw 

In archetypal language the feminine is personified by the maiden the mother and the crone. Blood rituals once marked these passages. After menstruation stopped it was said of the Crone that the blood was held inside, and became wisdom or “wiseblood.”

In this painting I am trying to raise energy for the necessary transformations throughout my body. The shifting colors have to do with the chakras, a Sanskrit word for the spinning vortexes of energy within the body. Each of these vortexes is associated with a color: here moving up from the red of the root chakra to the orange of the navel chakra, to the yellow of the solar plexus, to the green and pink of the heart chakra, to the blue of the throat chakra, to the dark blue of the brow chakra (or third eye).

After menopause the production of estrogen will shift from the adrenal glands to the ovaries. This visualization involves seeing into my body to locate what is taking place, what organs are being affected and how they align with the chakras.