Current Exhibitions

MFA Boston
New Light: Encounters and Connections

MFA Boston
July 3, 2021–February 6, 2022
Spanning cultures and geographies, and sometimes millennia too, “New Light” presents more than 50 works of art in dialogue from across the MFA’s old and new collections.

“Enrobed,” 1964, oil pastel on paper, 43x30”
Don't Shut Up
Don't Shut Up 2021

Newhouse Center for Contemporary Art
at Snug Harbor Cultural Center
August 21–December 31, 2021
The work of 46 women artists from across the US and Canada who are working to challenge and disrupt the status quo through their ongoing artistic practice.

"Resist", mixed media collage on wood 10 x 8 "


Designing Motherhood: Things that Make and Break Our Births

by Michelle Millar Fisher and Amber Winick

This book is a first-of-its-kind exploration of the arc of human reproduction through the lens of design.

MIT Press, 2021

"Centered Flux", Oil pastel on paper, 43” x 30”
Urge to Survive and Rebirth

By: Myrthe Master

Survival and Rebirth. As an art academy student, Helen Redman (1940) was in vain looking for a female example, 'someone who paints from her own body and experience'. In the end she became that artist herself: pregnancy, motherhood, menopause and old age are central to her feminist oeuvre.

Atelier Magazine, Spring Edition, April 24 2021

"Singing The Bones", Acrylic on canvas, 48" x 30"