Monstrous Times

Since 2016, the feeling that we are devolving, not evolving, has been part of my art. The representation of the human figure is still central, but fantasy, rather than portraiture, now seems even more “real.” Hybrids of all sorts — creatures, animals, plants, artificial intelligence -– come forward in a variety of mixed media. Monsters and Monsterinas intermingle with climate change in our Anthropocene Era. We rise and fall, move forward and circle back in our mortal attempt to pass on survival. 


The wood grain brings many elements into being, but my sources spring from the maze of my own mind as well as the news of the day. One of the last pieces in this series, Phoenix Rising (2019), was a necessary reminder that I was descending too far and that rebirth was needed. Thus began my Buddhist art explorations to bring ancient references of survival to the fore. See the series Deities Vs Covid.